Alex Aldridge


Starship $2020

I am saving $2020 to see #Starship launch next year.

Nuclear Bombs

Our largest nuclear armaments should be ejected into outer space and propelled into lifeless stars and planets.

Reddit Karma

Almost 100% of my karma is from my own content. I am gaining little to no karma through subreddit post comments and history. Because I produce so much content, I do not spend/waste time commenting. I would like this to change so I can post in larger subreddits.

Social Media Manipulation

I was manipulated on Facebook by a local girl in 2014 who I had met and was talking to. She posted pictures on her page that included her picking apples at a local orchard as well as children laying in a bed. My name “Alex” was referenced indirectly in the post description.

I later contacted this girl on Facebook and called her a cunt. I was charged with harassment. She contacted my brother at school and indirectly told me to stop contacting her.

Bad Father

Do anyone else have a father who tries to misinform them?

I think my father is trying to be weird about my current law cases as he is not talking about the correct information. We drove past a local construction site and he tried to lie about what they were doing on the site.

He is making up stories which are not true and telling them to me on our drives around town. I have a lot of difficulty with my father. He is not involved in my legal cases but he is the cause of my charges.

On July 7th, 2019 my father yelled at me and told me to leave the property. I got into my vehicle and headed into town. I was angry at the law and my father.

My father is responsible for transporting me to the lawyers and trying to control how I talk to my lawyers. I was not properly represented in 2016 as my father was involved.

2015 into crisis and homeless.

My car was sabotaged in 2015 by my father upon returning from overseas. I was angry and lost my temper where I was removed from the home and taken to a crisis home. I was then removed from the crisis home under false accusations. Five police officers were called to the home by the manager of the home. The five police officers approached me outside and accused me of arson and threats towards staff. None of the unlawfulness by local police went through court.

United States of Freedom

Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Utah, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, and Vermont, do not have any land-based or tribal casinos.

These states treat their citizens correctly.

#Gambling #Casino #Money #Business #Government

Alex Aldridge (Death Notice)

I will die killing another person.

Casino Harassment

I informed local #DRPS police that I had been #harassed by international casinos via phone call. My personal phone number received over 15 different texts from casinos shortly after they left. The police are in bed with the casino and government because they are dumb.

Casino's use harassment and other forms of unwanted communication in order to draw you back to their business.

I will expose and disclose any and all tactics used by casinos and local police in and out of court.

Plans for full military style shut-downs will be conceived shortly.


If I am applicable to report charges that fall under the Family Law Act in Ontario for discrimination towards disability then I would do it. I have reported theft and harassment which went nowhere and will be investigated.

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